v4: Rules of Petanque Libre v4

An abridged version of the rules, optimized for readability, is available. It omits many technical details but contains everything that most players will ever need. It is two pages long and can be printed back-to-back on a single sheet of paper. It is available in these file formats:
  — HTML
  — petanque_libre_rules_abr_print_2018-10-02.docx
  — petanque_libre_rules_abr_print_2018-10-02.pdf

The full rules document is available in these file formats:
HTML (English, Français, Español)

The current version of the rules is 4-3.
The revision history for this version is available HERE.
Earlier versions of the rules are available HERE.
Other file formats (.odt, .txt) are available on request.