2021-06-01 rules

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Changes in this version from the previous version

1. In December 2020 the FIPJP made a number of changes to its rules. The PL project has studied those changes. Most of them are reasonable adaptations to the conditions of large-scale competitions. but they are not reasonable changes to the basic rules of the game. PL therefore has adopted none of the FIPJP 2020 rules changes except for the removal of the rule against moistening boules.

2. In an effort to simplify exposition and facilitate translation into other languages, many paragraphs were revised or rewritten. In an effort to arrange the rules more logically, some sections and paragraphs were merged, split, or moved. The rules themselves have not changed substantially, but in some cases the way that they are described has.

3. One frequently-asked question is “Who plays next if the first boule goes out-of-bounds?” The section on playing the first boule was re-written to show how the answer to this question is connected to the rules for play after the creation of a null point.

4. The paragraph about a mistakenly-thrown boule was revised to close a loophole and to make the options of the Advantage Rule more flexible. A specification that “Each player has his own set of [boules] and those are the only boules that he may play” was added to the first paragraph in order to ground the concept of a mistakenly-thrown boule.

5. The paragraph about challenging the visibility of the jack was revised to close a loophole and to make the rule simpler.

6. The description of a pointing obstacle was improved. An introductory sentence, providing the rationale for the rule, was prepended to the specifications of both kinds of obstacle.

7. The expression “feature of the terrain” was defined. The definition of “undoing” an illegal event was improved. The definition of “equidistant boules situation” was removed as unnecessary. The technical term “scoring team” was changed to “last-scoring team”, which is clearer and can more easily be translated.

8. The definition of “end of the mene” was revised. Because of the 2020 FIPJP rules changes, the PL rules and the FIPJP rules no longer use the expression in the same way.

9. A new paragraph was inserted into the section on “Dead ground and the death of a boule or jack”. It answers questions that players occasionally ask, which previously had no clear answers. The paragraph says:
If a boule or jack is resting on a pile of boules, rather than sitting directly on the ground, it is not on that account dead. If a boule or jack is stuck to another boule by mud picked up from the terrain, the two balls should be separated, cleaned, and put back down on the terrain as close as possible to their original locations, with a jack being put down before a boule.