2021-01-01 rules

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The current version is 2021-01-01b. It is available in the following file formats.

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Abridged version (English)(2 pages)

The 2021b version incorporates only two changes from the 2020 version.

  • The terminology of a “decided point” and “undecided point” has been removed, and replaced by “when one of the teams has the point” and “when there is a null point”. This corresponds more closely to the French-language FIPJP rules and should make it easier to translate the rules of Petanque Libre into French.
  • The 2020 revision of the FIPJP rules removed the rule forbidding players from “moistening” their boules. We think that was a good idea, so the corresponding rule has been removed from Petanque Libre. As a result the ID numbers of all paragraphs after 73 have decreased by one, and PL now has 98 paragraphs rather than 99.

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