v2: Rules of Petanque Libre v2.1

The rules
The rules, along with notes and commentary:

The rules only, in booklet format:

Copies of the rules in other formats (.odt, .txt) are available on request.

Information about the Petanque Libre Project is available HERE.

Request for Comments
At this time we are also issuing a Request for Comments. We are requesting—

  • Comments on this version of the rules
  • Questions about the interpretation of the rules. These questions, along with their answers, may be added to the Notes in future versions of the rules.
  • User Experience Reports: If your group adopts or experiments with using the rules of Petanque Libre, we would like to hear from you about your group’s experiences (positive or negative) using the rules.

Note that comments about the Petanque Libre Project as a whole should be submitted on the Petanque Libre main project page.

How to submit comments in reply to this RFC
Comments responding to this RFC can be submitted:

Emailed messages may contain comments in attached files. File attachments must have an extension of .txt, .odt, or .docx. Comments submitted in reply to this RFC will be treated as public comments and may be posted on this web site.

4 thoughts on “v2: Rules of Petanque Libre v2.1

  1. I think that everything starting from “Request for Comments” could be moved to https://petanquelibre.wordpress.com/rfc/, and each new version should again add a link to the RFC page.

    It looks like the RFC idea has been sinking a bit, yet I think PL is a valuable variant of petanque.

    (Note that the CONTACT page link is broken.)


    1. Hi Alex–
      Thanks for your comment. PL is rather a Quixotic endeavor and it’s always nice to get positive feedback.

      Note the page where you left your comment is for an obsolete version of the rules. There have been 5 versions since 2.1. You can find the current version at https://petanquelibre.wordpress.com/rules/.

      Another version is being prepared and should be available soon. At this point, the rules themselves are pretty stable and I’m trying to simplify the language and eliminate unusual technical terms, in order to make it easier to translate the text into French.

      Unfortunately, the RFC idea didn’t work out, and it has been abandoned.


      1. I’m pretty aware of the recent versions 😉

        But I now understand the RFC idea was abandoned. Anyway, anyone can still provide inputs, so I guess the spirit of the RFC remains.


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