Rules of Petanque Libre v2

We are happy to announce the release of Version 2.0 of the Rules of Petanque Libre, available HERE. Version 2 also includes the rules formatted for easy assembly into a booklet.

Changes in this version from the previous version (v1.0) include:

  1. The rule “After all boules have been thrown, the visibility of the jack cannot be challenged,” was accidentally omitted from v1. It has been added to the section on the visibility of the jack. Also, the second death-condition for the jack was revised. It now reads: “[The jack is dead if] The jack is not visible from the circle and there is at least one unplayed boule.”
  2. One rule governing the placement of the circle was incorrectly worded in v1. The corrected text now reads:

    However, if the jack was dead or located outside of the home terrain at the end of the previous mene, the circle is placed on the home terrain as close as possible to the last location where the jack was alive in the previous mene.

  3. The following text has been added to the section about deciding which team plays next.

    A team that has the opportunity to challenge the point, but does not challenge it and lets the opposing team play the next boule, is considered to have agreed that the opposing team should throw the next boule.
    If a team throws a boule without giving the opposing team a chance to challenge the point, and the teams later discover that it (the offending team) should not have thrown the next boule, the boule is considered to have been thrown contrary to the rules.

  4. A boule thrown from the wrong circle is now considered to have been thrown contrary to the rules. This brings PL in line with traditional rules about throwing from the wrong circle.
  5. A paragraph has been added describing what the teams should do if a boule is thrown contrary to the rules:

    If a team throws a boule “contrary to the rules”, the offended team has the choice of [a] leaving the illegally-thrown boule where it is, [b] declaring the illegally-thrown boule to be dead, or [c] agreeing to undo the illegal event.

  6. A number of minor stylistic improvements were made. Some section headings were deleted or rewritten. Some sentences were moved. Some paragraphs were combined. As a result of these changes the numbering of the paragraphs has changed. (Note that cross-references within the rules do NOT use paragraph numbers.)

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